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Different requirements mean different gear

Your gear requirements are different depending upon whether you are spending the weekend hiking on the trails or hunting in heavily wooded mountains. One fundamental gear requirement always applies to any outdoor expedition, you have to be able to rely on your equipment. Your gear makes the difference in your comfort and enjoyment, and in some cases, the difference can be life or death.


One primary attribute of the NeverLost collection of outdoor gear is  always being able to see your equipment so that you don't leave your Thermos behind at a campsite, or risk losing your knife among the moss and leaves. However, the situation can sometimes be serious and that's when your orange seat protector can suddenly serve as the signal for the helicopter that is out searching for you.


The majority of our product development takes place when we are out hunting ourselves.  NeverLost is a company founded by active outdoorsmen and hunters. We take our passions seriously. And we take our gear seriously. 


The best ideas come from real world situations. Then comes development work and test after test, both by ourselves and by people who use the products professionally. How much can the snap hook take? Will the Thermos stay hot? We place great importance on our choice of materials and seams.  If we can select a stronger thread, we do so, or add an extra seam, whatever it takes to make our gear the most enduring and rugged gear on the market today.


We have one product that has undergone more tests than any of the others; our Backpack Dry Vault™ , mainly due to the fact that it has been with us from the beginning and has been through numerous testers making different demands on the product.  The basis is the same, but it has been improved for every season, and this season with the new waterproof Dry Vault™ compartment.


The Dry Vault™ compartment holds the most vulnerable, and perhaps most valuable, items in the pack such as your digital camera, mobile phone and wallet etc., keeping them safe from moisture and harsh environments. Giving you peace of mind, no matter your adventure.