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Neverlost Thermos 0,75L
Neverlost Thermos 0,75LNeverlost Thermos 0,75LNeverlost Thermos 0,75L

Neverlost Thermos 0,75L

Steel Thermos with 5 Year Warranty

Our thermoses are often “best in test”. One of the reasons is that they are manufactured in Thermos factory. This guarantees the high quality. Therefore, we leave a 5 year heat warranty. NeverLost also means that you do not forget it. The large 0.75-liter has two mugs, one for you and one for your friend.


  • Impact resistant
  • Manufactured by the world's leading thermos manufacturer
  • Traditional screw cap
  • Size 0.75 lit has two mugs
  • 5 year warranty
  • Guaranteed heat times

Product Data


  • Steel body
  • Plastic cup/cap
  • Volume 0.35/0.5/0.75 litres
  • Two mugs in 0.75 litres
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