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Your Gateway to the Outdoors


Today, many of us work and live in urban or suburban areas. But our desire to be in the great outdoors experiencing the fresh air, challenging terrain and miles and miles of unspoiled landscape around us still exists within us. Whether you are a weekend adventurer or serious hunter, the outdoors gives you a chance to reengergize and reflect. 


Your outdoor and hunting gear are an important part of any successful outing. It must be rugged, it must be comfortable, and it must be able to save your life, if need be. NeverLost was designed by professional outdoorsmen and hunters to meet all the demands of hunters who spend days in the field to weekend day-hikers. Using the highest quality materials and with a craftsman's eye for detail, all of the NeverLost equipment's fit, form and function will exceed your outdoor expectations. The NeverLost unique color combination of orange and black will not only help you keep track of items that might get lost in the brush, but in case of emergency, the colors can become a life saving signal for rescuers.