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1. Who can buy goods at and how to register
Norma AS, Norway are a B2B company and exports NeverLost to various contries in Europe. To register as a customer please send your company information to and we will be in contact with you as soon as we can to set you up as a customer of Norma and NeverLost providing there is no conflict with existing importers/distributors in your country.


2. Login with username and password
If you are a customer and already have a username and password, you can log in to our online store by going to and pressing "log in" at the top right. You can also click here to go to login.


3. I am already a registered customer with Norma, but have forgotten the password.
Press "Log in" at the top right of the page and then "forgot password". Here you enter your registered e-mail and press send. A new password is thus automatically generated, which you receive by e-mail straight away. If you are already a registered dealer, but for some reason are unable to receive a password via the forgotten password function, contact us on tel. 22 07 13 00 or via send email to - then we will help you straight away.


4. Your contact information, delivery address, invoice address, etc.
In order for deliveries to go as easily as possible, we depend on the customer data we hold to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. After logging in for the first time and in case of any changes to the postal address, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail, it is important that you update and maintain the customer card yourself, you can find this on My Side.


5. Return handling
Go to the customer center and select the "Returns" tab. In the drop-down box under Search for returned goods, you can choose whether you want to search for invoice number, order reference, serial number (weapon, radio and salvage only), order number, packing slip number, item number or item text. Choose what you want to perform your search on and fill in the text field. Then press "Search".


You will now get a list of all items that are on the order in question. In the list, select the product you wish to return by selecting "Quantity to return" on the right. When you have selected the item(s) you wish to return, press next.